Utilization of social networking sites in arts and science colleges

Social networking sites have become pervasive, impacting the social fabric of our society and changing the nature of social relationships which have revolutionized the way we communicate, interact and socialize. Social networking sites can positively or negatively affect educational performance of college students and hence they must be managed efficiently. This study investigates the utilization of social networking sites in Arts and Science college students. Survey method was adopted in this study. 209 students from Arts and Science colleges have been selected as sample by simple random sampling technique. Among 209 respondents 155 are female and the remaining 54 are male. The study highlights that the intellectual implication is found to be common in male and female college students. There is a variation in the emotional implications of male and female. Male are more exposed to the society than their female counterparts and the interpersonal domain also differs in both male and female college students.

Amutha, S. and John Kennedy, S.
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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