Value addition in floriculture through essential oils

Value-added floriculture is a process of increasing the economic value and consumer appeal of any floricultural commodity.Profit potential is increased when an indistinctive raw commodity is converted into a unique product.The value-addition for marketing flowers includes adoption of post-harvest technology and improved logistics. Export of value-added product e.g. oil (extracted in small units set up in production zones) rather than the raw material e.g. rose petals, can help generate substantial revenue in international market.Working with flowers is of course a benefit, but a successful operation requires a great deal of highly specialised knowledge and skills, since the industry is highly technical and scientific. Value-added products from floriculture includesessential oils from ornamental plants, extraction of dyes from plants and flowers, extraction of plant pigments, fresh flower products (bouquets, arrangements, etc.) and dried flowers and plant parts, etc.

Priyanka Prajapati, Alka Singh and Parag B. Jadhav
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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