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The International Journal of Information Research and Review (ISSN: 2349-9141) is a fully peer-reviewed print as well as open access scholarly journal, and it is published monthly by the Vibus Innovative Publishing Solutions (VIPS). Its main aim is to keeping up-to-date to librarians, information scientists, documentation officers, specialists, managers and educators interested in keeping with most recent issues and development in the field. Articles, reviews, proceeding papers, book reviews, etc are published in this journal. This journal covers all the current issues and practices in the field of library, information and management, information production; economics of information; information user's needs and seeking patterns; information sources and services; information and knowledge management; library and information science education; curriculum framework; curriculum development; training, research and development in LIS education; digital library; technological advancement; collection development and management etc. This journal keeps professionals abreast of the current research and development in the field of library, information and management (LIM).

Scope and Coverage

Authors are requested to submit manuscript related to the trends and developments in the field of library and information management. Manuscript will be accepted for publication only on the basis of its originality, methodology and implications. The journal accepts academically robust papers, topical articles and case studies that contribute to the area of research in, and practice of information science. The journal publishes works in the categories: research papers, case studies, conference reports, view points and book reviews. Here are some sub-themes of the journal’ scope and coverage: It is the only journal in the world which publish research papers, review papers, review articles, technical reports and short commutations in all aspects of science such as agriculture and forestry sciences, animal, veterinary and fishery sciences, biological sciences, chemical sciences, computer sciences and information technology, earth sciences, engineering sciences (civil, cybernetics electrical, electronics, mechanical, textile, etc.), environmental sciences, forensic sciences, family, community and consumer sciences, home sciences, humanity sciences, library sciences, material sciences mathematical and statistical sciences, medical sciences, military sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, physical sciences, physical education sciences, educational sciences: for school students, women, village and society, commerce, law and management related with sciences, anthropological and behavioral sciences: sociology, social sciences: researches in the field of economics, political science, geography, drawing, music, dance, philosophy, history and languages concerning with science, journalism and role of media in science, role of NGOs in the protection of environment.

Article/Paper Acceptance Requirements

The criteria for an article to be accepted for publication include:


The article is presented in an intelligible fashion and is written in IJIRR Template and Standard English.

  • The article should be original writing that enhances the existing body of knowledge in the given subject area. Original review articles and surveys paper, case study, and short communication are acceptable, even if new data/concepts are not presented.
  • Results reported have not been submitted or published elsewhere (although expanded versions of conference publications are eligible for submission).
  • Experiments, statistics, and other analyses are performed to a high standard and are described in sufficient detail.
  • Conclusions are presented in an appropriate fashion and are supported by the data.
  • Figure/Image should be showing clearly and clearly mention figure name and numbers in increasing order
  • Equation/Formula should be in Math’s equation Software. Please do not give scanned equation/formula.
  • Tables should be in MS Word. Please do not give scanned equation/formula.
  • Appropriate references to related prior published works must be included in IJIRR Standard.

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Prospective authors should note that only original and previously unpublished research papers will be considered. Furthermore, simultaneous submissions (under consideration for publication elsewhere) are not acceptable. Submission of a manuscript is interpreted as a statement of certification that no part of the manuscript is copyrighted by any other publication nor is under review by any other formal publication. It is the primary responsibility of the author to obtain proper permission for the use of any copyrighted materials in the manuscript, prior to the submission of the manuscript to IJIRR.