Zoonoses in India: A review

The re emerging pathogens majority of which have animal origin and are zoonotic have been discussed. Vetenerians have been prompted to involve themselves in areas like food borne disease control, food safety, zoonosis control, communicable disease, epidemiology and population medicine, comparative biomedicine animal welfare and environmental medicine. Veterinary and environmental medicine. Veterinary and human health professionals who are focussed over individual health care and explore deeper into biomedical research have been instigated to indulge in close collaboration amongst themselves, agricultural professionals and national policy making personnel. The concept of one health has been upheld which encompasses the human, animal and ecosystem health which in its complete sense encourages inter-disciplinary collaborations.

Vipan Kumar, Heigo Pal, Bikram Singh, Hanish Sharma, Parvinder Kaur and Wadhawan, V.M.
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