Article 25 constitution of India is not on scientific believes. One infinite universe, one teaching of two god particles and one religion “i” means worship of idol of two god particles. Only idol of two god particles “i” will persist even after destructio

We all belong to One Spirituality or one Religion i.e. "I" but with different Rituals and worships calling it Unification of Spirituality or Religions. Hence teaching regarding God in different religions (Hindu , Islam and Christianity etc realizations) are illusion. They donot teach about Two God Particles – The Real eternal God Particles. Religion "I" means Worship of IDOL of Two God Particles. It Persists Even After Destruction Of Universe. I am the origin of All. Every thing evolved from Me – 10/8 . Say With Proud "I" am Idol of TWO God Particles or Satyam Shivum Sundarum. All religions do IDOL worship of Two God particles in different ways. Unless brain sees idol of two God particles during worship Fig 15 and Fig 19, worship is incomplete.

Dr. V. M. Das
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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