Integration of intrusion detection system with mobile cloud offloading to securely offload mobile applications to the cloudlet

This Nowadays mobile devices have become a useful tool to compute the day to day activities of human being. However, this tool lacks the resources to handle the increasing need for computing intensive tasks. To overcome those limitations the computation offloading mechanism has been widely considered. Security measures using encryption, user authentication, password, firewall and digital certificates are not enough to secure the data during transmission and the code itself. To reduce the risks behind mobile application offloading, this research proposes an integrated intrusion detection system with mobile application offloading to securely offload mobile computation to the cloudlet. The system deny the service request of the mobile device during intrusion. This means the system stops the offloading process immediately at the time of attack. This process secures the client’s data from being accessed by unauthorized intruder. Moreover, the system will generate report to the cloudlet administrator about why the service request of the client is denied. After removing the intruder from the network the services will be started immediately. General Terms: Mobile Cloud Computing, Network Security, Machine Learning, Data mining.

Abeselom Befekadu and Ravindra Babu
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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