Smart services for airport flight transit

Traveling is very interesting and concerned huge field of business; millions invested for enhancing the traveling and make it easy and enjoyment by managing airports.[1] Also many researchers studied airport services.[2,3,4,5,] Millions of people travel using airplane and airports, some uses direct flight while others used transit, in both cases many passengers spends a lot of time in airport due the traveling process plane scheduling, many others miss there flight during there waiting inside the airport, some researches tried to manage departing traveler at airport and their time.[6,7] also not all passengers are familiar with airports gates and facilities such as restaurants, waiting halls, free duty, bathrooms, checking out counters, clinic. Although controlling, directing, monitoring, and secure passengers is difficult for airport security.[8] This project paper propose developing system that use smart ticket instate of paper ticket which passenger can take or down load it from reservation desk, this smart ticket includes all important information, and it will provide all facilities, services in the airport with 2D and 3D map to all gates with alarm starts before flight time (boarding), also provide offers for free duty and GPS location detecting for all passengers in airport for security issues with social media and full internet connection in addition it provides family group track.

Dr. Majdi Salameh
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Int J Inf Res Rev
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